About Skok Communication Services

For the past 40 years, Mark Skok has supported a diverse portfolio of clients. Whether for-profit or nonprofit, he brings to each organization an outstanding ability to grasp the message the principals seek to convey. And, he provides a superb capability for translating that message into words that prompt a positive response from key audiences.

Mark has been producing websites in San Diego County for more than 10 years. The websites are mobile-friendly – their content is easy to grasp regardless of device or location of the website visitor.

A simple case in point: the manager of an apartment complex in Biloxi, MS, was frustrated by a number of fine units that seemed to stubbornly resist rental. In less than two hours Mark produced a simple but attractive flier for the manager to distribute among local shops. Within a month, all units were rented.

Apart from editorial work, Mark has worked extensively with computers and computer networks, providing both hardware and software support to organizations and individuals. He particularly enjoys providing instruction on the use of computer applications.

Key clients have included British Petroleum (Alaska) and other Alaska corporations engaged in a variety of industries. More recently, he has built websites and edited web content for California-based organizations, including The ValCap Group LLC of San Antonio, TX.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications (Journalism sequence) from Washington State University, where he graduated cum laude. Before and after graduation, he worked as a reporter for several newspapers, most notably The Anchorage Times. Prior to establishing his own company in 1984, he produced editorial material for a full-service public relations agency.